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Red-tailed blacks

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name Loros Bird Farm
address Tokai-cho 3-9-13,Tokai,Aichi,Japan
Phone +81-903836-0555
FAX +81-52-603-1288
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We are a breeder of medium-large types of parrots species in Japan since 1998 and specialize in doing Eclectus roratus polychloros by colony system in a large flight and it has been a great success so far. Currently we try to breed a rare mutation of Cacatua galerita eleonora"Lutino". Also have just succeed in hatching "Orange"mutation of Eclectus(Red-Side) from the colony that consist of some 35 heads adults.(40% males),this colony produce approximately 60 offsprings annually.

Majority of our chicks are artificial incubated and hatched,then hand raised by us and kept their birth records and close banded ,initialed as "LRS 00X". All the babies are hand raised with much of our love and socialized with people to be nice companion birds. We provide a hatching & pedigree certificate when they go to new owners.

We give full attentions for our breeding stock with periodical medication and disinfection to prevent of any infection or viral disease.Especially for Cockatoos species which we stock are all DNA tested of PBFD by a laboratory in Japan prior to introducining into our aviaries..We will be happy to support and advice for all customers who bought baby birds from our farm.

The target we look toward is to contribute for conservation of psittacine under the endengered environment in the future, with profits by selling our chicks and acquiring of highest technology of artificial breeding.

If you are interested in our birds,please don't hesitate to contact us. We can export or exchange our newly weaned babies, fully weaned youngs and adults on world wide basis.Also welcome breeders or dealers who wish to import/export/exchange. Wish to exchange any information for improve parrot breeding technology with each other.

*Loros Bird Farm is registered and authorised by Authority of kindness to animal.//official affairs of Aichi pref.Japan)//Regis.No. 30087 & 300880


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